Guided Tours


Ever been in a situation when you have come to a new place and stare at the mind boggling signboards dumbfounded? Not if you let us come on board with you! has plenty of experienced tour managers ready to help you throughout your tours. Be it your jungle safari, trekking or adventure activities, you’ll always be led by an experienced person so your fun along with apt knowledge doesn’t fall short. Jim Corbett is a resident to more than 1000 species of flora and fauna. The rich and diversified culture of this land makes it one of the most desirable places to visit. It is one of the haunts for wild life enthusiasts, nature lovers, researchers and geologists, families for holidays, corporate assemblies and even educational tours. Our tour managers are well trained and competent about the natural conditions of the Jim Corbett. They are well acquainted with the safety measures that have to be taken care of, during the stay here. During your jungle safari, your tour operator would be your best guide, getting you familiar with the natural surroundings.

About Corbett